Group 16 Elements

VI A group contains oxygen, sulphur, selenium, Tellurium and polonium belongs to p-block of periodic table. The first four elements are collectively called as chalcogens since many metals occur as oxides and sulphides.

Chalcogen means ore forming elements. Oxygen is a gas, other elements are solids.

Atomic radius increase from oxygen to polonium. Ionisation potential decreases from oxygen to polonium. Electronegativity decreases gradually from oxygen to polonium.

Density increases from oxygen to polonium. Melting points and boiling point increases from oxygen to tellurium. Melting point and boiling point of polonium is less than tellurium but greater than selenium.

Metallic character increases from oxygen to polonium. Oxygen and sulphur are non metals, selenium and tellurium are metalloids, polonium is a pure metal.